Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Lacking is of a Good Cause

I set a schedule for my blog and I kept it for a good month. Pat on my own back.
Then I fell off these past two weeks. Ugh.  Because everyone has a reason or an excuse for things they have done, I too will have a "where have I been" post. 
Was actually thinking about doing a video but I am not sure if anyone really cares, lol. 
At least I know on my blog I can say it and it not bother me too much that I get no comments. 
So this is what happened....
T-Boned, Car Accident
I got t-boned while driving through a light. Yea. Sucks. And my car is no longer mine. 
Yea. Double suck-age. 
God is still good!
No one was injured. And my children weren't subject to this horror. So besides not having a car (which still saves me money by taking my payment, Thank You Lord) all is still well. 
This is why I have been MIA. Just handling my business and getting everything wrapped up. 
But mama is back. And all will resume today! A new video going up on my channel. And this new post. Tomorrow is throwdown Thursday, it will be a recipe of delicious variety. 
So I hope you stick with me and welcome to my new readers! 

Nicole Charnel

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