Friday, February 6, 2015

Nail Growth: Tips & Tricks

I think it may be obvious but...I failed at my 3 month nail challenge.  Kicking myself for falling off but oh well.
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Anyway, I have begun again! This time I am already a month in!
The main reason I gave up last time was because my nails didn't seem to be growing or strengthening at all. And they broke off after a week. Ugh.
Oct. 2014
Nail Growth

So I gave up...but I have decided to start again. Because I noticed after i gave up, my nails just kept breaking and breaking and never grew past a certain length.  At least before when they were breaking, they still were growing.

What I have been doing is mixing oils [olive oil, avocado oil, and grapes oil], heat them up, and let my nails soak in that for 10 minutes. Moistures my actual nails and cuticles. And if they are moisturized they won't break because they won't be dry!

After a month, my nails are back to were they were when I started. I also only file and trim the either once a month or when I need to [hang nail or whatever]. This also helps keep up the strength of the ends of my nails.

I will be keeping up with this regimen for sure, my nails keep growing. I wonder how long they will get??
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