Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christian Living as a Young Adult

I am a christian.
I live a christian lifestyle.
I am not perfect. But I am a God-fearing woman who lives to praise Him.

Being a christian is more than a one day decision, it is a lifestyle. Some people don't realize or just don't know that their sole purpose here on earth is to praise the Lord.
A thought that some don't grasp or want to live up to.

Living this way is not easy. It is all about sacrifice.
I am 28 years old and it took me 26 years of life to realize this.
In hopes to help another sooner come to grasp with this, I want to talk about my lifestyle. The ups and downs, struggles and blessings.  I want to share in hopes to encourage another.

Lets start with some background. Everyone wants to know the stats.
I am 28. Been saved since my youth [not sure of the age].
I have been in church all my life. Born into christian living but never forced in to living it.
My parents have always let us [their children] be very independent and make their own choices.
I chose salvation.

As I said before, it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized the great sacrifice of it. Some people think that word [sacrifice] is dangerous or dirty. Immediately thinking "What do I have to give up?".
I admit I thought that as well. But once I realized what how unworthy but blessed I was, giving up my time, gifts, and life seemed like nothing at all.

When you find yourself in so low of a space and feel like you have nothing; ready to give in and crawl in a corner. Then you just let go and give it all the God...
You think your giving up and not recovering but he takes your hurt, pain, mess and throws it away. He give you something brand new and allows you to start fresh.
It is an amazing feeling and quite super natural.

So if your interested in hearing more about christian living and this lifestyle, stay tuned.
And feel free to chime in, comment below.

As always, thanks for reading.
Nicole Charnel

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