Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Straightening my Natural Hair: Research

I am going to straighten my hair. I haven't had straight hair in 2 years! And my previous track record in not that great.
I use to straighten my natural hair every week. Yup...every 7 days.
And I didn't even know about heat protectant! I know...apparently I was living under a rock. I also didn't know about properly moisturizing my hair.
I have been natural for 10 years but I didn't stop relaxing my hair to have curly hair. I stopped because I hated the relaxers but I still wanted straight hair. So I used a system from Etae Natural to continue to strengthen my hair.
Of course straightening my hair weekly and not using a heat protectant and not knowing how to properly moisturize definitely caught up to my hair. I was left with no curl, straight natural, heat damaged hair.

Those are the main reasons why I am nervous. But hopefully these past few years I have learned what I need to keep my curls popping even after I straighten.
So I'm currently doing research on what process I should take to protect my hair and keep my moisture in and I think I have decided upon my routine.

  • Deep Condition
  • Shampoo
  • Detangle
  • LOC in Moisture
  • Set in Twist
  • Dry to 90%
  • Blowdry
  • Straighten

I have been watching YouTube vids to get the best techniques and routines that will work with my hair. Here are some of the videos that have helped me figure it out.

I will be recording my process and all that jazz! So stay tuned for that.
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

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