Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back on the Web...

I'm BACK!!!
It's ok, I know you missed me! *HUGS*

So if you are reading this, you will see that I revamped somethings on my blog!

I'm super happy to be back blogging and doing even more things that I love!
For one, as you see, some 1st grade designing, LOL! I love it! Even tho, it's not done professionally or anything. It still says ME. So I will be running with it!

Secondly, my very own...YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
Yes, me and lots more of me! LoL, a lil self centered, I know but I have so many things I want to share! So I stopped slacking and got started!
Side Note: If you go to my channel now, You will see that I have 0 videos up. So sad. But first one is coming soon and very TODAY....more likely this weekend. So stay on the look out!

And lastly...creating.
I have always considered myself creative. But after looking around at others, sometimes (most of the time) I feel that I am so behind the curve and have not been using the right side of my brain the correct way. Well that stops...NOW!
I am creating handmade accessories. My goal is to have an online shop with all kinds of accessories like button earrings, hair accessories, and phone cases!
Right now tho, I am still in the concept, planning, and "prototype" phase. Check out my instagram, I have made a few earrings.
Hardest part for me, finding time! But I am determined to fill my life and my time with only the things I love.
The time for talking and hesitating is over...this is the season for doing!!
Don't you just love the fall? It is so MOTIVATING!

Anyway, those are my plans. Hope you stick around to see it all unravel. I think it is gonna be fun. I know it is going to be epic. LoL

Excited yet? Well I am.
As always, thanks for reading!


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